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Conservation Tips

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To help keep your water wastewater bill low, try a combination of these tips. Not only will you conserve water, but you will save money too!

Plumbing fixtures and appliance investments:

  • Replace standard shower heads with low flow shower heads: Low flow shower heads can save half the water you use versus a standard shower head.
  • Replace standard toilets with low flow toilets: Low flow toilets can save up to 50% of the water used depending on the age of the existing toilet.
  • Front load washing machines can use 25% less water versus a standard top loading machine.
  • Maintain and repair existing fixtures and appliances to prevent loss of water due to leakage.
  • Replace malfunctioning or leaking parts immediately: A leaky toilet could waste as much as 20m3 per day, that’s approximately $30.00 per day!

Other low or no cost measures

  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn taps off while brushing teeth or shaving
  • Use the suds saver feature on your washing machine or other appliances
  • Use a rain barrel for garden watering
  • Refrigerate tap water for drinking
  • Only use washing machines and dishwashers with full loads
  • Water lawn with one inch of water per week, including rainfall (during specified day and times as per the Outdoor Water Use Restrictions)

Water conservation is important, especially in the summer.  Remember, increased use can lead to increased rates.  Turn your water off at the water meter when leaving for vacation or long periods of time.


To check for leaks, locate the “trickle indicator’ – a small red or black triangle on your water meter.  Ensure water is not running in the house or building, and then check to see if the trickle indicator is turning, moving or shaking.  If it is, water is flowing through the meter indicating a leak somewhere.  The homeowner is responsible for all plumbing repairs and maintenance.  The Town is not responsible for internal plumbing leaks.

To check if your toilet seeps, lift the lid off of the water tank, drop in some food colouring or brewed tea or coffee and come back in 20 minutes.  (Don't flush the toilet while you are waiting).  If colour appears in the toilet bowl, the rod-and-ball assembly or flapper needs adjustment or replacement.  The homeowner is responsible for all plumbing repairs and maintenance and the Town is not responsible for internal plumbing leaks.

Leaks can end up causing extremely high bills. If you are aware of any type of water leak in your house you should repair it immediately because it could save you money.

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