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Surplus Lands

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Surplus Lands

Starting in 2019, the Town of Blind River undertook an assessment of all municipally owned properties to better understand the Town's overall landholdings. Through this evaluation, it was found that many Municipally-owned lands do not serve, and likely will not benefit the Town in-future.

This survey aims to better understand residents' thoughts regarding vacant municipally owned lands, the declaration of some Town lands as surplus, and the potential for surplus lands to be pre-zoned. 

Given that the Town does not use all the lands currently in their ownership, it is considering adding some of these properties to its surplus land registry. The hops is that by adding lands to the registry:
  • Some of these underutilized properties will lead to economic development opportunities
  • Housing stock/supply will increase
  • There will be a reduction in municipal maintenance costs and the burden these parcels have on the municipal tax-base.
In addition to this, the Municipality is considering a 'pre-zoning' certain properties (prior to being declared surplus) so that future buyers would have more flexibility in constructing residential or commercial developments (such as multiple dwellings or businesses). This pre-zoning may assist in encouraging investment on the lands once sold.

Please give us 10 minutes of your time and complete the Blind River Surplus Lands Survey.