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Building Checklist

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Here is what you need for the following projects:

Accessory Building / Shed Checklist

  • Building Permit Application
  • Driveway Permit  or Club Cut – only if changing location of street entrance
  • Plot Plan / Site Plan
  • Complete set of Building Plan

Addition Checklist

  • Building Permit Application
  • Copy of Septic System Permit from Algoma Public Health – if on septic system
  • Plumbing Permit Application (if new plumbing included in addition)
  • Driveway Permit or Curb Cut – only if changing location of street entrance
  • Plot Plan / Site Plan
  • Two complete sets of  Buildings Plans
  • Mechanical Construction Documents  (only if heated/cooled)

Alterations Remodel Checklist

  • Building Permit Application
  • Septic System Permit – if adding a bedroom – septic systems only
  • Plumbing Permit Application if on municipal services
  • Two complete sets of  Building Plans – Existing and Proposed
  • Mechanical Construction Documents (only exposing framework, i.e. gutting)

Blasting Checklist

  • Blasting Permit Application
  • Copy of all locates
  • Copy of Pre-blast report

Chimney / Fireplace Checklist

  • Building Permit Application
  • Construction details and drawings
  • Two complete sets of drawings
  • Plot Plan / Site Plan

Decks / Porches Checklist

  • Building Permit Application
  • Plot Plan / Site Plan with dimensions/setbacks of existing and proposed
  • Complete set of Building plans

Demolition Checklist

  •  Building / Demolition Permit Application
  •  Engineer’s report if required as per Ontario Building Code

Excavation Checklist

  •  Excavation Permit Application
  •  Copy of all locates
  •  Plot Plan / Site Plan/Grading Plan

Garage / Breezeways Checklist

  • Building Permit Application
  • Driveway Permit or Curb Cut – only if changing location of street entrance
  • Plot Plan / Site Plan
  • Two complete sets of Building Plans

HVAC Checklist

  • Two complete sets of construction drawings prepared by qualified person as per Ontario Building Code
  • Copy of design specifications/calculations for sizing of duct work

Roofing / Siding / Windows Checklist

  • Building Permit Application

Single Family Dwelling Checklist

  1. Applications forms:
    • Authorization for an Application for Building Permit by a Person other than Legal Owner
    • Building Permit
    • Plumbing
    • Excavation
    • Blasting
    • Commitment to General Reviews by Architect and Engineers
    • Municipal Service Installation
  2. Sewage Disposal System (if structure requires new or enlarged system):
    • Private: Attach copy of Sewage Disposal Works Permit (Issued by Algoma Public Health).
  3. Water Supply (if use will require water supply):
    • Private: Attach copy of well completion Permit (potable water.)
  4. Driveway Permit or Curb Cut (if new or changing existing):
    • Attached copy of Street Entrance Permit, signed by the Public Works Dept. 
  5. Site Plan Review (Planning Committee, if required for project)
    • Attached copy of approved Site Plan Review.
  6. Plot Plan (Showing all existing and proposed structures) – to include:
    • Distance of existing and proposed buildings to all property lines, wetlands & other structures.
    • Parking, egress and drainage plans. (All projects requiring external alterations/additions)
    • Well location, septic location and driveway location, where applicable.
    • All existing and proposed structures.
    • Street frontage and Lot size.
    • Rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands
  7. Two complete sets of Building Plans - to include:
    • Use, Group and Construction Type
    • Investigation and Elevation Report
    • Foundation  Plan
    • Floor Plan (for each level)
    • All rooms labelled and all windows sizes labelled
    • Exterior building elevations
    • Sectional / Skeleton view (footings to ridge line) with lumber dimensions, finishing
    • Fire detection and suppression system documents
    • Engineered spec sheet for all engineered products, i.e. LVL’s, Trusses, Steel Beams, etc.
    • Basic electrical (lighting fixtures, switches, outlet boxes,  smoke detectors, co detectors)
    • HVAC (duct layout)
    • Chimney / Fireplace details
  8. Energy Efficiency Design Summary Forms
  9. Street Number / Address  
    • On application and posted on job site
  10. Statement Regarding Required Inspections for Single Family Dwelling.

Private / Public Swimming Pools Checklist

  • Building Permit Application if pool greater than 3.0 metres (10ft) deep.
  • Plot Plan / Site Plan
  • Complete set Building Plans – if in-ground to include: sectional view, all pool Dimensions.  If diving board installed: height above water and exact location of board
  • Construction details of enclosure (fencing)
  • Excavation Permit Application with copy of all locates
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