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Bea Jensen Memorial Gazebo

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Bea Jensen Memorial Gazebo

Posted: 09/22/2021

Stay tuned for the grand opening in 2022!
More details to come in the new year. Great work to everyone involved. We love our community and it's champions!

The Bea Jensen Memorial Gazebo plan is moving ahead. To read the articles published by Elliot Lake Today, please click on the following links: 

Beachfront gazebo plan moving ahead
Sellers Beach upgrades moving ahead
Construction of Bea Jensen memorial gazebo underway

Gazebo build begins July 12, 2021.
Please do not enter the workspace during construction.

We look forward to brining you an accessible, inclusive space.
Thank you for your patience!

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Progress Updates!

July 12 - Day One Progress

Great Work!

 July 12 Gazebo Progress

July 14 Progress

Amazing Volunteers making this dream a reality! July 14 Gazebo Progress

July 15 Progress

July 15 Gazebo Progress

July 16 Progress

We wish our volunteers the BEST weekend!

July 16 Update

July 17 Progress

We can't wait to see the end result
Way to go Volunteers!

July 17 Gazebo Progress

July 20 Progress

July 20 Gazebo Progress

July 26 Progress

Timbers are being sanded, ready for staining!
Ground work is underway.
We're getting excited!
July 26 Gazebo Progress

July 28 Progress

Great work staining yesterday!
Such amazing volunteers in our community.
July 28 Gazebo Progress
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