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Winter Safety

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        photo of snowman with stick hands on snow filed
Safety Tips for Residents during the Winter Season

  1. During heavy snowfalls, property owners are encouraged to assist the   municipality's snow removal crews by:
      1. getting vehicles off the streets and parking in your driveway
      2. keep catch basins clear of snow and ice for proper drainage during a thaw
      3. keep fire hydrants clean and visible clear snow and ice from the municipal sidewalk abutting your property
    Unfortunately, during snow removal operations, the snow removal equipment operators cannot lift their blade every time they come to a driveway approach. Therefore, if possible, homeowners should wait to clear their driveway approaches until the plows have been able to clear the curb lanes.

  2. Trucks with flashing lights are performing winter maintenance. Please give them room to work and pass with caution as visibility may be compromised with blowing snow. If a snow plow stops, it is likely to back up, so please give them lots of room. You can see them, but if you a driving a small car, they may not see you if you are following too closely.

  3. Never push snow from your driveway (including snow banks left by the plows) on the road or across the road which can create unsafe driving conditions.

  4. Stay well back of snow plows, sanders, loaders and tractors since the equipment does back up on occasion.

  5. Please ensure that your children do not play where snow is piled at the side of the street or in the courts, and near the snow plows, sanders, loaders and tractors. Snow equipment operators may not see children playing in the snow or near the equipment.

  6. Be wary of "black ice" (a thin layer of transparent ice that is formed when the road surface draws moisture from the air and the road temperature is or falls below 0 degrees C.

  7. The early springtime sweeping of roads and sidewalk is a vital and cost effective necessity of the negative environment impact associated with winter sand and the increased costs associated with having to remove the sand from our catch basins and water courses.

  8. If the roads and sidewalks are not quickly swept up soon after the winter season, the spring rain ultimately washes the sand into catch basins and water courses and then increased costs are experienced for the specialized removal of the sand from there.

  9. Occasionally, the scheduling of these sweeping operations is impeded by uncooperative weather and the inherent soft boulevards next to the sidewalks. Nevertheless, attempts are continually pursued to ultimately complete these works as soon after the winter season as possible.

We appreciate your co-operation and assistance in keeping Town of Blind River streets and sidewalks clean and safe.

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