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Halloween Guidance

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Halloween Guidance

Posted: 10/16/2020

Halloween Tips:

The best way to have an enjoyable Halloween is to follow public health recommendations and help keep ourselves and communities safe.

Algoma Public Health Halloween During COVID-19
Printable posters from APH- Treats or Not this year

For those trick or treating:

Trick or treaters outdoors should put the following precautions in place:

  • Don’t go trick or treating if you are feeling ill, even if symptoms are minor
  • Choose costumes that allow a non-medical mask to be worn underneath.  Make sure you can see and breath comfortably
    • Halloween masks are not a substitute as they do not provide the same level of protection as they often have holes and are not made of the correct material. 
  • Practicing physical distancing
    • You should only be trick or treating with those in your same household
  • Consider pre-arranged stops/visits to family/friends; physical distancing still must be maintained. Respect homes by staying away if the lights are out.
  • Stick close to home when trick or treating and be sure to keep enough space between yourself and other trick or treaters when on sidewalks, stairs, walkways, etc.
  • For those who live in rural areas, drive your children and pre-arrange visits with those households you will stopping at.
  • Be sure to bring along hand sanitizer and use it regularly. Avoid touching your face and upon returning home be sure to wash your hands.
  • Ensure hands are washed thoroughly after handling candy wrappers and before eating or handling any food.


For those giving out treats:

  • Don’t hand out candy if feeling ill or self-isolating
  • If you do not feel comfortable having trick or treaters consider turning off your lights and/or placing signage in your window.
  • For those wishing to provide treats, make it obvious to trick or treaters.
  • Instead of offering a shared bowl, only hand out sealed, pre-packaged treats.
  • Those giving out candy should be wearing a cloth mask or face covering which covers their nose, mouth and chin without gapping.
  • Consider strategies to maximize and maintain physical distance from trick treaters; ALWAYS maintain a physical distance of at least 2m or 6ft.
    • Place the candy at the end of the driveway or door step to avoid contact at the door
    • Consider using an impermeable barrier with open slot (e.g Plexiglas, plastic shower curtain, etc.)
    • Other suggestions: use tongs, a baking sheet, or make a candy slide-be creative
  • Be more outside than inside!
    • If you can, stand outside your door to hand out treats the kids will not need to touch the door or doorbell.
    • If you’re unable to sit outside to hand out treats, clean and disinfect doorbells and knobs, handrails, and any other high touch surface often during the evening.  

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