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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: 04/15/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

There have been a lot of questions raised recently about social distancing and pandemic precautions. We have attempted to clarify some of them in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Sometimes a fine can be imposed and other times we are simply making recommendations based on public health messages and local observations.

We ask the public to follow recommendations regardless of whether a fine can be imposed or not, for the sake of our health care, retail workers and our vulnerable populations. 

Social Media, the news, and gossip, I don't know if I am allowed to operate my business -- HELP!

Please call Ontario's business hotline for accurate information.              1-888-444-3659. You can also click here : for up-to-date information. 

I need a personal support worker or a contractor to come to my home for essential support for my basic needs. Am I allowed to let someone in my home?

Yes. The bylaw and the province’s orders are to limit non-essential social gatherings that put people at needless risk. It is not intended to limit essential needs of our residents.

My immediate family has 6 members.  What do we do?

The provincial limit has outlined that households with more than 5 people do not need to ask members to leave in order to achieve the total of 5. 

Can I have some of my family members over to visit even if they don’t live with me?

The province has issued an order to limit all gatherings of non-household members to 5, even on private property. Any gathering of 5 or more non-household members is a violation of the Province’s Orders and subject to enforcement by the OPP.

Excerpt of the province’s regulation below and linked here:

 Prohibition 1. (1) Subject to subsection (3), no person shall attend, (a) an organized public event of more than five people, including a parade; (b) a social gathering of more than five people; or (c) a gathering of more than five people for the purposes of conducting religious services, rites or ceremonies. (2) For greater certainty, subsection (1) applies to an event or gathering even if it is held at a private dwelling. (3) Subsection (1) does not apply to the following: 1. A gathering of members of a single household. 2. A gathering for the purposes of a funeral service that is attended by not more than 10 persons. O. Reg. 99/20, s. 3. 3)

So, the Town is dictating who I can have in my house?

No, the Province is doing that by emergency order which is subject to change. The Town of Blind River is focused on public properties like parks and businesses.  The Town works closely with the OPP to ensure compliance with the province’s order that covers private property in the interests of public health.

Can I do yard work?

Yes. But it is recommended to avoid any risky activities that could results in an accident and an avoidable trip to the Emergency Room.

Can I have a yard sale to help recycle?

At this time yard sales are not permitted.

Can I start a new construction project?

Yes, building permits can once again be issued as this was part of the first phase of  the re-opening of the province. You must obtain a building permit before you begin any work. We recommend you proceed with caution and ensure social distancing and frequent hand cleaning remains in place. If you are using a contractor remind them of pandemic precautions.  

Can my spouse and I shop for groceries together for my household?

It is highly recommended that only one person per household shop for essentials but it is only a recommendation at this point.

Please note, shop owners are allowed to enforce their own rules to keep their staff and patrons safe.  In addition, shopping in pairs will reduce the number of families accessing food per day as stores limit the number of shoppers entering.  Please do your part and limit to one household member.

Please access our Blind River Food Delivery Program if you require assistance to get your goods.

I’m a single parent who now can’t shop because I can’t bring my kids with me, what’s the Town doing to help me?

The Town understands that we have a variety of families, homes, and abilities.  We have created a program that provides delivery at NO COST to residents of our community.  We will ensure your items are dropped at your doorstep, and no social-contact occurs.  Please access our Blind River Food Delivery Program if you require assistance to get your goods.

Can I still go to the Hospital / Emergency Room if I need to?

Yes. But only if your issue is unrelated to Covid-19 symptoms.

If you are unsure, call the Covid19 Assessment Centre at Call 705-356-2265 x 2661 or toll-free 1-888-425-0321, or Telehealth at 1 866-797-0000

If you are injured or have unrelated symptoms the ER remains open.  If you have an emergency: 911 is still there for you.


What do I do if I see a blatant violation of the social distancing orders or bylaw?

  • call the OPP non-emergency line: 1-888-310-1122
  • call Town of Blind River bylaw enforcement at: 705-356-2251

(voicemails will be checked regularly after hours and bylaw staff will respond where needed).


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