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Guided Tours

The Timber Village Museum welcomes school groups, service clubs, special interest groups and community organizations of all ages. Arrangements can be made for Museum staff and volunteers to lead guided tours and special programming activities.

Student Activities

Artefact Detective

The Museum offers both an Art and Artefact Detective questionnaire for children between the ages of 7 and 13. Young children may wish to complete this questionnaire with a parent, teacher, or group leader. The questionnaire is designed to engage visitors in the displays as they tour the Museum’s exhibitions. There is no extra fee to partake in this activity.

Ask Tim Bear

Tim Bear, our unofficial mascot has recently celebrated his 100th birthday. While there is little information about who made this teddy bear, based on its fabric and design, we know that this bear was crafted around the start of the First World War. Tim Bear is stuffed with wood chips. His clothes were made by Nancy Collins and they are typical of those that would have been worn by a lumberjack. In 1987, he was named “Tim Bear” in honour of the famous lumberjack warning call “TIMBER!”.

In celebration of Tim Bear’s milestone birthday, we are inviting students, parents, and teachers to submit questions about Blind River’s history. Participants can submit questions individually or in a group. Tim Bear will do his best to answer them in a timely fashion. Please ensure a contact is provided for the response.

Please submit your questions using this template and send them by email (, mail, or by hand to the Timber Village Museum.

Educational Programs

The Timber Village Museum offers a living history program for grades 1-3. This half-day program usually takes place during the second week in June and has the ability to accommodate up to 500 students. 

The Museum is currently working on developing new and improved programming for students of all grade levels. We anticipate the new programs will be introduced during an open house for parents and teachers in September 2018.


The Timber Village Museum offers a variety of art workshops including watercolour, beading, basketry, and more!

Workshops are also offered specifically for children. They foster creative thinking and in some cases, entrepreneurship such as the Kids Invent program which took place during March Break 2014. 

Please see our 2017 events schedule for more info: COMING SOON!

Please note that all of our events may not be listed here. Check the Community Calendar (Found Here) for updates or "Like" us on Facebook.