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Building Services

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Kidde Smoke Alarms Recall
Ontario Building Code (OBC) Updates

Contact Information:

John Jones, Manager Building, Planning and By-Laws
11 Hudson Street
Blind River, Ontario
Phone: 705-356-2251, ext. 209
Fax: 705-356-7343

Rachel Kennepohl, Administrative Assistant to the Building and Planning Department
Phone: 705-356-2251, ext. 206
Fax: 705-356-7343

Building Services provide an efficient system of building permit approvals which minimize hazards to persons and property by ensuring that all construction within the Town of Blind River adheres to provincial and municipal regulations.

Through inspections, Building Services ensures that projects are designed and constructed in accordance with the terms and conditions of applicable municipal and legislative requirements. This section issues building, plumbing, demolition, occupancy and other permits governed by the Ontario Building Code.